Multiple Pregnancy & Old Age Facts!!

Study shows older women are more likely to have multiple births. “As women approach their mid-thirties and beyond, the incidence of (multiple births) increases threefold in the context of Caucasian women and fourfold in the context of African-American women,” This study shows older women are more likely to give birth to more than one baby at a time due to the aging reproductive system .
Since women’s fertility declines starting at a surprisingly early age, around 30, the shift towards delaying childbearing results in more challenges in conceiving, more use of assisted reproductive technologies and more multiple births .
“Today women, for good reasons, delay starting a family, and this phenomenon is bound to increase,” On the flip side, the older you are the more the increased risk of premature labor. “The biggest problem with multiple pregnancy is premature labor. When you get to twins and triplets and beyond, the capacity to accommodate them throughout gestation is increasingly compromised .

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Chuk Ufondu. MBBS, MPH , CPH


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Dr Chudi is a compassionate Medical Practitioner, Maternal and Child Health Specialist & Motivational Speaker.

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